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Vermeer RTX450 Ride On Trencher Specifications General Dimensions and Weights   Weight (basic tractor, rubber tires): 45.. Product #: VRTX450

RTX450 Ride On Trencher

Item Specs

Item id: VRTX450

Model: RTX450

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General Dimensions and Weights
  Weight (basic tractor, rubber tires): 4507 lbs (2044.3 kg)
  Weight (basic tractor, tracks): 6205 lbs (2814.5 kg)
  Length (basic tractor, rubber tires): 109 " (276.9 cm)
  Length (basic tractor, tracks): 114 " (289.6 cm)
  Width (basic tractor, rubber tires): 60 " (152.4 cm)
  Width (basic tractor, tracks): 64 " (162.6 cm)
  Height (basic tractor, rubber tires): 88.7 " (225.3 cm)
  Height (basic tractor, rubber tires, option two): 90.3 " (229.4 cm)
  Height (basic tractor, tracks): 92.6 " (235.2 cm)
  Wheel Base (Centerline of Axles): 48 " (121.9 cm)
  Tread Width with Rubber Tires (Centerline to Centerline): 48.8 " (124 cm)
  Tread Width with Rubber Tires Option Two (Centerline to Centerline): 50 " (127 cm)
  Ground Clearance (rubber tires): 7.4 " (18.8 cm)
  Ground Clearance (rubber tires, option two) : 9 " (22.9 cm)
  Ground Clearance (tracks): 9.9 " (25 cm)
Engine Option One
  Make and Model: Deutz 2.9L D Tier4F
  Gross Horsepower (Maximum): 49 hp (36.5 kw)
  Maximum Torque: 108 ft-lb (146.4 Nm)
  Cooling Medium: Oil/Coolant fluid
  Fuel Type: Ultra-low sulfur diesel
  Emissions rating: Tier 4 Final/Tier 4i (EU Stage IIIB)
Hydraulic System
  Ground drive pump capacity: 30.1 gpm (113.9 L/min)
  Ground drive pump relief: 5080 psi (350.3 bar)
  Attachment pump capacity: 30.1 gpm (113.9 L/min)
  Attachment pump relief: 3450 psi (237.9 bar)
  Auxiliary pump capacity: 11.7 gpm (44.3 L/min)
  Auxiliary pump relief: 2500 psi (172.4 bar)
  Fuel Tank: 17.6 gal (66.6 L)
  Hydraulic Tank: 13 gal (49.2 L)
  Hydraulic System: 14.8 gal (56 L)
  Coolant: 1.7 gal (6.4 L)
Ground Drive - Rubber Tire
  Maximum forward transport speed (high): 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h)
  Maximum reverse transport speed (high): 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h)
  Tire size: 26" (66 cm)
Ground Drive - Rubber Tire Option Two
  Maximum forward transport speed (high): 3.8 mph (6.1 km/h)
  Maximum reverse transport speed (high): 3.8 mph (6.1 km/h)
  Tire size: 29" (73.7 cm)
Ground Drive - Tracks
  Maximum forward transport speed (high): 2.9 mph (4.7 km/h)
  Maximum reverse transport speed (high): 2.9 mph (4.7 km/h)
Axle Options
  Front Axle Type: Steerable and oscillating 68/80 series planetary axles
  Rear Axle Type: Rigid and steerable 68/80 series planetary axles
  Axle load rating (static, per axle): 14837 lbs (6730 kg)
  Outside Turning Diameter (Rubber Tires, Front Steer Only): 23.8 ' (7.3 m)
  Outside Turning Diameter (Rubber Tires Option Two, Front Steer Only): 30.3 ' (9.2 m)
  Outside turning diameter (tracks, front steer only): 28.5 '
  Outside Turning Diameter (Rubber Tires, Front and Rear Steer): 12.9 ' (3.9 m)
  Outside Turning Diameter (Rubber Tires Option Two, Front and Rear Steer): 16.5 ' (5 m)
  Outside turning diameter (tracks, front and rear steer): 16.7 '
  Service Brake Type: Hydraulic
  Parking Brake Type: Mechanical hand break
Vermeer Compass
Features and Benefits
Horsepower increase of 14% from the RT450
A 14 % increase in horsepower (as compared to the RT450) offers increased power and productivity to the operator in both a Tier 4i (EU Stage IIIB) and Tier 4 Final option depending upon emissions requirements in your area.
Horsepower has been increased from 42.2 hp (31.5 kW) to 49 hp (36.5 kW). 
26” (66 cm) tire option with standard duty planetary axle
This smaller tire option is an economical choice for those rental customers and contractors working in narrow jobsites, and offers greater load carrying capacity than the competition.
The RTX450 features a 26” (66 cm) tire option well-suited for the rental customer.
29” (73.7 cm) tire and quad track option with heavy duty planetary axle
The heavy duty planetary axle offers additional torque to ground drive for more robust ground drive performance. In addition, the quad track option helps minimize surface and turf disruption. 
The RTX450 offers the contractor-grade 29” (73.7 cm) tire and quad track options. 
A class-leading compact turning diameter allows the RTX450 to perform in narrow jobsites – especially in residential areas.
The RTX450 features a compact outside turning diameter.
TrenchSense™ electronic control system
When difficult ground conditions are encountered causing a sudden drop in engine speed, AutoCreep automatically pauses and the tractor slightly backs off the forward trench wall to prevent an engine stop. Once the pre-set engine and trencher speed recover, forward AutoCreep resumes. The TrenchSense sequence occurs within seconds.
The RTX450 features the Vermeer-exclusive TrenchSense electronic control system, which is now available across the entire Vermeer RTX lineup.
Common controls
A common control system across the entire RTX lineup helps operators become more productive and efficient as they operate other Vermeer ride-on tractors.
RTX450 shares the common control system seen across the entire RTX lineup. 
H1 Sauer hydraulic pump
An electronically controlled hydraulic pump offers more precise control and offers ample power in the ground drive over previous manually controlled hydraulic pumps.
The RTX450 features an electronically controlled hydraulic pump.
Preventive maintenance 
Tool-less access simplifies and expedites preventive maintenance.
The RTX450 features easy access to key maintenance points.