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Vermeer RTX130 Feature: Exclusive VZ Steering system Description: The enhanced VZ Steering is controlled.. Product #: VRTX130


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Model: RTX130

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Feature: Exclusive VZ Steering system
Description: The enhanced VZ Steering is controlled by movement of the handlebars to the direction the operator wants to move. 
Benefits: This intuitive system allows the operator to guide the machine in the intended direction of travel with minimal efforts. It eliminates the need for additional levers and steering wheels to the machine, simplifying the overall operation. VZ steering provides additional leverage on difficult or uneven terrain. 
Feature: Convenient access for maintenance
Description: Clean hydraulic hoses and hardline routing as well as the optional, simple track design with a strong frame and sealed rollers.
Benefits: Simple design with easy access to all hydraulic hoses, provides ease of maintenance for the operator. Almost all hydraulic hoses are capable of being removed without removing other lines in the process.
Feature: Optimized Track Option
Description: The unit is available with 7” wide rubber tracks.
Benefits: The versatile track option has eliminated the tailwheel. With no tailwheel attached to the track machine, there is better balance on rough terrain as well as improved maneuvering through tight spaces. 
Feature: Narrow Width
Description: The RTX130 is 35” (88.9 cm) wide.
Benefits: Because of this unit’s narrow width, it is able to access small spaces including easily operating through typical backyard gates.