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Vermeer SC60TX General Dimensions and Weights Length 141.6 "    (359.7 cm) Width .. Product #: VSC60TX


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Item id: VSC60TX

Model: SC60TX

Year: New

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General Dimensions and Weights
Length 141.6 "    
(359.7 cm)
Width 51 "    
(129.5 cm)
Height 72 "    
(182.9 cm)
Weight - Engine Option One 3500 lbs    
(1587.6 kg)
Sound Power 104.8   
Engine Option One
Make and Model Caterpillar C2.2T   
Number of Cylinders 4   
Gross Horsepower (Maximum) 60 hp    
(44.7 kw)
Torque (Max) 142 ft-lb    
(192.5 Nm)
Fuel Tank Capacity 12 gal    
(45.4 L)
Max Fuel Consumption 3.6 gph    
(13.6 lph)
Fuel Type Diesel   
Air Cleaner Dry-type, restriction indicator, evacuator valve, safety element   
Oil Filter Spin-on   
Recommended Oil 15W40 CAT   
Oil Volume with Filter 11.2 qt    
(10.6 L)
Maximum Angle of Continuous Operation 35 deg   
Cooling Medium Water/Antifreeze   
Coolant Capacity (Engine and Radiator) 2.9 gal    
(10.9 L)
Alternator 62   
Fan 15.4 " (31.1 cm)   
Clutch Type Automotive-style diaphram with disc   
Cutterwheel System
Cutterwheel Diameter without Teeth 23 "    
(58.4 cm)
Cutterwheel Thickness 1.1 "    
(2.9 cm)
Cutterwheel Speed 1080 rpm   
Cutterwheel Straight Line Dimension 65 "    
(165.1 cm)
Cutterwheel Cut Above Ground 27 "    
(68.6 cm)
Cutterwheel Cut Below Ground 16 "    
(40.6 cm)
Tooth Description Yellow Jacket Cutter System   
Number of Teeth 30   
Number of Indexes 2   
Number of Pockets 30   
Reversible Pockets 30   
Cutterwheel Guard Standard   
Chip Containment 23 cu ft    
(.7 cu m)
Cutterwheel Drive Components
Upper Gearbox Straight bevel   
Oil Type SAE 75W90 synthetic gear oil   
Oil Capacity .4 qt    
(.4 L)
Lower Gearbox Straight bevel   
Oil Type - Lower Gearbox SAE 75W90 synthetic gear oil   
Oil Capacity - Lower Gearbox 1.6 qt    
(1.5 L)
Driveshaft Driveshaft dampened   
Driveshaft - U Joints 2 u-joints   
Hydraulic System
Tank capacity 9.6 gal    
(36.3 L)
Recommended Oil Type Vermeer VMF   
System Type Tandem gear pump, pressure balanced   
Filtration Method Full-flow 4 micron return filter, suction strainer   
Pump Flow at Maximum RPM 7.2 gpm    
(27.3 L/min)
System relief pressure 2900 psi    
(200 bar)
Flow Control Yes   
Directional Control Yes   
Electrical System
System Voltage 12 volt   
Battery 575 CCA   
Standard Gauges Hour meter   
Warning Lights Battery/Alternator, engine warning   
Switches Boom swing, boom height, creep propel, ignition, clutch, track gage, track speed range, AutoSweep, throttle   
Controller Vermeer C148 with AutoSweep   
Shutdown System High engine temperature and low oil pressure   
Radio Remote Control Optional, wireless   
Control Station Description Swing out   
Operator Vision Shield Description Abrasion-resistant coated polycarbonate   
Brake Type Spring-applied and hydralically released dual parking brakes   
Track Drive System
Track Frame Description Tube and plate   
Track Type Steel reinforced rubberized 9 " (22.9 cm) width, 54 pads   
Track Width - Retracted 35 " (88.9 cm)   
Track Width - Extended 51 " (129.5 cm)   
Track Length on Ground 51.2 " (130.05 cm)   
Type of Idler Cast with sealed bearings   
Number of Idlers 10   
Track Drive Pump Type Tandem gear pump, pressure balanced   
System Relief Pressure 2900 PSI (200 Bar)   
Pump Flow at Maximum RPM 7.2 gpm (27.3 L/min)   
Track Drive Motor Type Integral motor and planetary unit   
Track Brake Type Integrated into motor/planetary unit   
High Speed Travel 1.3 mph    
(2 km/h)
Low Speed Travel .7 mph    
(1.2 km/h)
Ground Bearing Pressure - Soft Ground 4.1 psi    
(28.3 kPa)
Ground Bearing Pressure - Hard Ground 12.6 psi    
(86.9 kPa)
Remote Control Option
Radio Remote Control Option   
Remote Functions E-stop, throttle, cutter wheel clutch, boom swing, boom height, propel, track mode, track speed range, AutoSweep   
Remote Display Lighted L.C.D. with RPM and all functions status   
Remote Range 300 ' (91.4 m)   
Other Options
Special Paint Optional   
Extended Warranty Optional   
Preventive Maintenance Optional