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Vermeer Vermeer CT 718 Feature: PT Tech clutch Benefits: Drum rotation is controlled from the cab through a PT T.. Product #: CT718

Vermeer CT 718

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Model: CT718

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Feature: PT Tech clutch
Benefits: Drum rotation is controlled from the cab through a PT Tech clutch. To extend switch life, clutch control software prevents the operator from engaging or disengaging the drum drive at full engine RPM.
Feature: Synchronous poly-belt drum drive system
Benefits: No stretch, lubrication, or metal-to-metal part wear delivers a low maintenance drum drive system.
Feature: Heavy-duty frame
Benefits: Machine frame is constructed of 8 " x 6 " x 0.375 " (20.3 cm x 15.2 cm x 1 cm) and 6 " x 6 " x 0.25 " (15.2 cm x 15.2 cm x 0.6 cm) steel tubing with continuous welding.
Feature: Drum size
Benefits: Large-diameter drum contacts more material in the windrow while turning. This feature will mix and aerate material more consistently, therefore shortening the compost cycle.
Feature: Programmable engine load
Benefits: Allows the operator to program a constant load on the engine taking the guess work out of operating the machine. This will load the engine for optimal production and maximize efficiency.
Feature: Climate-controlled cab
Benefits: Operator efficiency enhanced by cab features that include filtered pressurization, air conditioning, heat, fully adjustable suspension seat with operator presence, armrests and joystick controls, window wipers with washers, second (passenger) seat with seat belt, work lights, dome light, 12V accessory ports and radio/CD player.
Feature: High ground speed
Benefits: Ground speed up to 4 mph (6.4 k/hr) results in less time traveling between windrows increasing production rates.
Feature: Steering trim control
Benefits: Located by the ground drive joystick, the trim knob allows to easily adjust steering for straight travel through the windrows.